MD-official-imgMobile Dairy Center

Key Features:

  • Collection Center/VLCC, BMC, Chilling Center, Plant Registration and Management
  • Can easily register farmers and create profiles with their personal and bank details.
  • Real-time recording of milk quantities, quality parameters, and other relevant data during collection.
  • MDBox integration with digital weighing scales, the milk analyzer ensures precise and automated recording of milk quantities and quality parameters.
  • Once the milk is collected, the app calculates payment based on predefined rates and generates payment receipts for specified periods i.e. 10 days, 15 days, monthly.
  • Transaction history and payment records are securely stored within our server database.
  • Notifications are sent to farmers, collection center managers, and processors.
  • Dairy cooperatives and processors can access insightful analytics and reports, helping them make informed decisions.
  • Reports can include milk production trends, quality assessments, payment summaries, and more.
  • Our 9 AM to 9 PM on-call customer support helps users with any queries.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficiency- Eliminates paperwork and manual record-keeping, streamlining the entire milk collection process.
  • Accuracy- Real-time data collection and automation minimize errors in quantity and quality reporting.
  • Transparency- Farmers have access to real-time information about their milk sales and payments, promoting trust and accountability.
  • Cost Savings- Route optimization and reduced administrative efforts lead to lower operational costs.
  • Data-Driven Insights- Comprehensive reports empower cooperatives to make informed decisions for business growth.




Daily morning/evening milk collection from farmers with SMS, Receipt.

milk farmers

Manage (Add/Update/Delete) milk farmers with mobile number, bank details.

cattle Feed

Feed inventory managment with stoke puchase, sale to Farmer.


Advance feature same as banks for farmer Loan/Advance mangment.

Farmer Payment

Automatic farmer payment calculation, including deductions like feed, loan, medicine..

Milk sale

Milk sale to Milk Plant, Organisation, Individual with in details profit/loss report.


Manage multiple collection centers, collection truck/van.


Add multiple dairy employee/ user by providing controlled access to software features.

customer care

Best in class on call support for quick respose and resolution.


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Daily Collection list with summary
Add new Milk Collection
Milk farmers list
Cattle Feed sale
Farmer payments


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Data Security! We care about your valuable data. All data is transferred over SSL and stored in AWS RDS.

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Data Delivery! We deliver your data with our highly stable, robust mobile app and website

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Creative Team! Our experienced and qualified team developes easy to use features on market demands.

ADHYAY INFOTECH with experienced team, makes use of its technological excellence and experience to create Mobile based Milk Collection Application that helps Dairy Center owner to manage all his accounts. MD Customer application helps farmar to connect with dairy onwer and access all his data remotely on his phone.



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